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Smoke on the Water

“Churchill probably drank the smoky tarry deliciousness because it could stand on its own beside the real smoke of his ever-present Cuban cigars…”

We recently came across this wonderful photo and blog post about Winston Churchill and a couple of his favourite habits, namely cigars and the unmistakable smoked black tea called Lapsang Souchong. Continue reading Smoke on the Water

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Dan Cong Black Single Trunk

One of our most interesting new arrivals in 2018 was this single trunk, or Dan Cong, black tea from the Phoenix mountains of Guangdong Province (China).

We had heard about these teas over the last year or two…rumours of unique flavours and remarkable aromas derived from volcanic soil and high altitude moss and lichen…and were very interested in giving one a try. We were definitely not disappointed! Continue reading Dan Cong Black Single Trunk

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Tea Trader Says – Welcome to Mr Maxey’s Tea!

This website has been a long time coming! Tea Trader was one of the first couple of businesses on the internet, the domain was registered in early 1995, we were frequent contributors to in those early days. In the beginning of this century we even had an early shopping cart! This lapsed after a few years and we’re glad to say it is now back. Continue reading Tea Trader Says – Welcome to Mr Maxey’s Tea!