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Dan Cong Black Single Trunk

One of our most interesting new arrivals in 2018 was this single trunk, or Dan Cong, black tea from the Phoenix mountains of Guangdong Province (China).

We had heard about these teas over the last year or two…rumours of unique flavours and remarkable aromas derived from volcanic soil and high altitude moss and lichen…and were very interested in giving one a try. We were definitely not disappointed!

Typically these are oolong teas but with the rise in popularity, Dan Cong black teas have begun to be produced. So what is ‘Dan Cong’? We understand that it primarily refers to tea plucked from wild trees growing in a single thicket, as opposed to smaller, more cultivated tea bushes. Without regular pruning the trees are allowed to grow as slow as they like and the flavour of the tea produced is richer and more interesting as a result.

Within this category of tea, Dan Cong has a number of sub-varieties each with a signature flavour profile ranging from orchid to peach to almond. Our black Dan Cong has held up to these claims, brewing a smooth and sweet cup with remarkable notes of grapefruit and peach.

We highly recommend giving it a try!

Dan Cong Garden


Dan Cong Plucking

Dan Cong Outdoor Withering