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December 2018 – End of Year Update


We are busy selling tea before the break…in some cases selling out of tea like the very popular Mandal Gaon First Flush Oolong. But we’re excited to announce we have ordered some late season teas that are expected to arrive in the new year.

From one of our new suppliers, we will have three ‘third flush’ teas from India:

Mandal Gaon Autumn Flush Oolong – “Made with cues from Taiwanese oolong manufacturing techniques to arrive at a distinct Darjeeling taste profile also without any astringency to make it a pleasant cup to enjoy. The pan tossed process has developed an interesting nutty toasty feel to the leaves followed by the distinct fruity and chocolaty feel. Developed in our experimental station.”

Autumnal Exquisite Black Arunachal – “A fine rare crafted batch form the most pristine tea growing region in India. Grown in the virgin Himalayan soil surrounded by forests on all the sides. This batch produces a very smooth notes of cedar and pine with a complex earthy mix of wild flowers and herbs. Perhaps the most distinct taste in the world. This is the fourth batch from our newly constructed micro tea processing unit.”

Koliapani Autumn Signature Assam Black  – “A Handcrafted batch of Assam black tea with prominent notes of malty, honey and ripe fruits. Goes well with milk if brewed strong.”

We have also decided to try out a small amount of some new Chinese teas, including:

Organic Black Tea Golden Snail Special Grade

Organic Black Tea Golden Yunnan Special Grade

Organic Green Tea Snow Dragon 1st Grade

And our first ever yellow tea:

Organic Yellow Tea Honeyfairyland 1st Grade


Look for these to show up some time in January. Also, a reminder that we will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

Ted, Kate, Joan, Tegen

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