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What’s New

2nd May, 2024
First of the year – from Assam, Orangajuli STGFOP1S FF, and from the Dooars, Danguajhar BOP.

30th April, 2024
Back in stock: Colonel’s Assam, Formosa Oolong, Orange Blossom Oolong, and Cinnamon with Pieces.

17th April, 2024
Back in stock: Lemon Vanilla Green Rooibos, Harrie’s Toffee Cream. And still waiting for an ETA on our First Flush Assam, hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

27th March, 2024
We have received a shipment of tea from Colombia which includes a new green tea…Bitaco Organic Emerald. We think you’ll really like this one!