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What’s New

Come see us in our new home in the Ramsay Design Centre – 1902, 11th Street SE

21st October, 2021
New arrivals! Margaret’s Hope FTGFOP1 Muscatel has arrived, along with this year’s Nahorhabi Golden Tips.

15th October, 2021
More teas are on the way – we are expecting this year’s Nahorhabi Golden Tips from Assam, as well as Margaret’s Hope from Darjeeling to arrive soon. Also…currently sampling teas from Nepal…

10th September, 2021
New teas have arrived! We have this year’s Niroula Summer Wonder, as well as the second flush Mai Tee from Nepal, and Chamraj FOP from Nilgiri.

9th July, 2021
New Teas from Puer Zuxiang High Mountain Tea Garden!  Now available: Organic Pu Erh Cakes and pressed Organic Moonlight White. The Palace Grade Pu Erh is back in stock, and the Snow Dragon 1st Grade has arrived!