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Niroula’s Tea Farm

Situated around 10 km from Ghoom railway station, surrounded by a beautiful tea garden in the south and a magnificent reserve forest area with diverse flora and fauna towards the north, NIROULA’S TEA FARM, is presently a micro tea processing unit of organic Darjeeling tea initiated to deliver quality and healthy orthodox tea to tea lovers looking for the right blend of taste and health.

Since most of the raw tea leaves are bought directly from more than 50 indigenous and hardworking farmers in Darjeeling, part of the revenue earned by the company goes directly to supporting and encouraging farmers who cultivate tea organically, helping them get their product to a global market.

Tea not only serves as the most popular beverage in the world but the specific bio-organic tea grown and processed at NIROULA’S TEA FARM also has the right taste and aroma, along with great medicinal value. As per research across the globe both Organic Green Tea and Organic Black Tea reduces the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases, normalizes blood pressure, is good for specific cancers, helps in weight loss and increases immunity due to the presence of antioxidants in tea. The product is not just going to be a delightful cup of tea early in the morning but also an assurance of good health.

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