Pu Erh

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  • Ancient Phoneix Shou Pu Erh

    Ancient Phoenix Pu Erh

    $58.00 CAD for 125g
    This ripe Pu Erh brews thick and rich with notes of mushroom, espresso, and unsweetened chocolate. Harvested from ancient tea trees on a sustainable tea plantation located on Wuliang Mountain.
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  • Organic Wild Raw Pu Erh

    Ancient Purple Leaf Ball

    $5.00 CAD
    The leaves of this raw, or sheng, Pu Erh are long, slender and slightly twisted with purple and silver hues, and a sweet wood and cranberry fragrance. Harvested from ancient tea trees on Wuliang Mountain, carefully processed and then hand-rolled into mini balls. Each ball will be around 8g of tea, the weight will vary since it has been shaped by hand.
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  • Mengku Rich Valley Raw Pu Erh

    $48.00 CAD for 125g
    Bright, golden liquor with notes of tobacco and earthy wildness. These long, twisted leaves are hand-picked from ancient tea trees on Wuliang Mountain; a truly rare, exotic find.
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  • Mini Tuo Cha

    $14.00 CAD for 125g
    Small, individually wrapped cakes of Pu Erh shaped like mini bird nests. Smooth, earthy, ripe fruit flavours. It is made from the large leaf 'Da Ye' tea plant varietal, better known as Camellia Sinensis 'Assamica'. Just right for a mug of tea, the leaves can be re-infused many, many times. Each Mini Tuo Cha is about 5g of pressed leaf.
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  • Organic Pu Erh Cake

    $50.00 CAD
    Brews dark and smooth with an aroma of sweet corn and roasted sugar cane. Soft and earthy chicory notes. Pry off a suitable piece for your pot or cup, give a quick rinse with just boiled water, and steep as long as you like! Multiple infusions encouraged. Package Size - 357g. Read more about the supplier here.
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  • Pu Erh

    $14.00 CAD for 125g
    Pu Erh is a form of tea known as post-fermented. This variety, called shou or ripe pu erh, has undergone an accelerated step of fermentation known as piling before being aged over a number of years. Brews very smooth and earthy, missing all but a hint of astringency.
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  • Pu Erh Cake

    $40.00 CAD
    The tea is formed into a flat cake and left to age. It has a smooth body and rich, earthy flavour. Break off a small piece and carefully crumble it into your teapot.
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  • Pu Erh Palace Grade

    $28.00 CAD for 125g
    This ripe, organic Pu Erh brews dark with an aroma of caramel, and notes of earthy sweet corn and chicory. Read more about the supplier here.
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Showing 1–8 of 10 results