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  • Darjeeling Okayti Organic Hand Rolled White Tea

    Okayti White

    $36.00 CAD for 125g
    These hand-rolled, silver-haired buds infuse a pale golden colour with mellow, sweet notes of flower blossoms and honey. Find out more about the Okayti Tea Estate here.
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  • Doke Silver Needle White Tea

    Doke Silver Needle

    $36.00 CAD for 125g
    The beautiful silver buds of this white tea infuse with aromatic hints of sweet pears and earthy notes of fresh, lightly fried potatoes. Doke Tea Estate is located on the Doke River, in the Bihar District of northeast India, near the border of Nepal. It is sometimes called 'The Land of Buddha', as Gautama Buddha spent much of his life teaching and seeking enlightenment there.
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  • Flowering Tea He Jia Huan Le

    He Jia Huan Le

    $32.00 CAD for 125g
    A light, sweet, refreshing white tea. This flowering (or blooming) tea is hand-tied with jasmine and lily. He Jia Huan Le - "Best wishes to your family...or, Family Fortune."
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  • Mutan Silver Tips

    $21.00 CAD for 125g
    Unrolled and only slightly oxidized, this white tea has a delicate 'peony' flavour with a crisp, lemony finish. Also known as Bai Mu Dan or White Peony.
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  • Organic Moonlight White Tea Cake

    Organic Moonlight White Cake

    $50.00 CAD
    This pressed white tea brews a dark golden infusion; smooth and pleasant with a lovely cooked sugar aroma. Very refreshing! Simply pry off a suitable portion, rinse the leaf with hot water, and then brew to desired strength. Suitable for multiple infusions. Package Size - 357g. Read more about the supplier here. *OUT OF STOCK*
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  • Yunnan Moonlight White Tea

    Yunnan Moonlight White

    $21.00 CAD for 125g
    Bright and smooth with earthy notes of hay and honeycomb. Noted for it's distinct appearance, white on one side and shadowy grey on the other; the leaves are taken from trees over 400 years old.
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  • Colombian Bitaco Organic White Tea

    Bitaco Organic White

    $24.00 CAD for 125g
    Infuses a deep golden cup with a very pleasant, round sweetness. Bright with notes of sugar cane and fresh hay. Read more about Bitaco Tea here.
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  • Organic White Tea Mango and Pear

    Mango Pear White

    $16.00 CAD for 125g
    This bright, delicate white peony tea (Bai Mu Dan) has been enhanced with natural mango and pear flavouring, dried apple and mango pieces, and a flourish of marigold blossoms for a refreshing and smoothly sweet cup. Bai Mu Dan*, Apple Pieces*, Freeze-dried Mango Cubes*, Natural Flavouring, Marigold Blossoms* *From organic cultivation  
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  • Prairie Garden Green and White Blend

    Prairie Garden

    $14.00 CAD for 125g
    A stunning blend of green and white tea with rosebuds, vanilla and the fresh flavour of rhubarb - evocative of a gentle spring rain.  
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Showing all 9 results