Admiral Grey

$14.00 CAD for 125g


Mango, rose, cornflower and thistle complement the bergamot to give an Earl Grey with sweet, fruity flavour.

Hon. John Grey (1809-1891), fourth son of the second Earl, was an admiral in the Royal Navy.

Read about the Voyages of Admiral Grey!



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    This blend sees the classic bergamot of Earl Grey enhanced by the striking floral additions of lavender and rose, and a flourish of blue mallow blossoms. A blend created with teas carried to port by the famous Taeping, one of two clipper ships to claim the prize in the Great Tea Race of 1866.
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    Admiral Grey's afternoon favourite combining Earl Grey, vanilla and a hint of passion fruit. How better to end the watch? Unlike civil clock bells, the strikes of a ship's bell do not accord to the number of the hour. Instead, there are eight bells, one for each half-hour of a four-hour watch. In the age of sailing, watches were timed with a 30-minute hourglass. Bells would be struck every time the glass was turned, and in a pattern of pairs for easier counting, with any odd bells at the end of the sequence.
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    Join Admiral John Grey as he sails the seven seas on the trail of a mysterious and dangerous conspiracy that may well threaten the world order. Can the Admiral succeed in defeating his enemies and return safely home? And will his beloved Julianna still be waiting for him? Many of you will know Admiral Grey and the associated teas that Tea Trader supplies. The original tea was launched in 1995 and Eight Bells, Taeping and Cedarberg Sunrise followed. At that time, we put a story behind this character and this was carried further by one of our earliest customers, Bob Newell. We talked with him over the years about a more complete story built around this character. We are now happy to announce the further chronicling of his adventures as told by Bob himself!
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