Ancient Phoenix Pu Erh

$58.00 CAD for 125g


This ripe Pu Erh brews thick and rich with notes of mushroom, espresso, and unsweetened chocolate.

Harvested from ancient tea trees on a sustainable tea plantation located on Wuliang Mountain.

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    Yi Tribal Pu Erh Coins

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    This deeply fermented tea has been expertly pressed into convenient 6g discs and then individually wrapped in gold foil. Brews earthy smooth with slight fruity notes and an autumn-like sweetness. Hand-picked by both the Yi Tribe and Dai Tribe peoples from ancient tea trees dating around 400-500 years old, located on the legendary ancient tea tree mountain, Yang Ta. From 2013.
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  • Pu Erh

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    Pu Erh is a form of aged, fermented tea. This variety, called shou or ripe pu erh, has undergone an accelerated step of fermentation known as piling before aging. Brews very smooth and earthy, missing all but a hint of astringency. Around 3 years old.
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