Taiwan Wild Black Shan Cha

$44.00 CAD for 125g

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Very smooth with a light, refreshing tartness. The pleasant taste is well rounded with evocations of pastries and baked sweets with fruit notes similar to Japanese white peaches.

Picked from wild trees, this Shan Cha (mountain) tea has a distinctive, pleasant honey aroma.

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1 review for Taiwan Wild Black Shan Cha

  1. Kelly Sereda

    I enjoyed this tea Gongfu style, finding it durable and totally resistant to astringency even as I let the steeps grow longer into the session. The taste is mild, yet balanced and fulfilling with a candied yams blend of sweet and savory in equally satisfying measure. This is a good quality tea anyone could enjoy from beginner to a well steeped connoisseur: easy to pick-up on it’s qualities with no off-notes to forgive.

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