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Taeping and The Great Tea Race of 1866

Artwork by Henry Scott, 'The Great Tea Race of 1866 - Black Prince leading Taeping', Made of oil on canvas

Many of you will know our popular Taeping blend (Earl Grey with lavender and rose) but did you know it was named after the last clipper ship to win one of the great tea races before steamships took over the trade?

These informal races were competitions to see who could arrive in port with the first tea of the season, with the winner receiving a premium price for their precious cargo. The Great Tea Race of 1866 captivated an audience like no other with some of the finest clipper ships ever produced racing to claim their prize.

While many bets and wagers were placed, in the end this last of the great races was so close that the two winning ships decided to split the premium…the Ariel had actually arrived home first but the Taeping was able to pull into dock ahead to claim first arrival.

You can read more about this exciting race and the era of clipper ships in the tea trade here.


Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

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