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Tea Trader Says – Welcome to Admiral Grey!

Dear Tea Customers,

Many of you will know Admiral Grey and the associated teas that Tea Trader supplies. The original tea was launched in 1995 and Eight Bells, Taeping and Cape Doctor followed. At that time one of our earliest customers, Bob Newell, developed stories around this intriguing figure. We talked with him over the years about a more complete story built around this character and are now happy to announce the further chronicling of his adventures as told by Bob himself…..

At the web site below you will be able to follow his voyages, with the first installment out and further ones at regular intervals. This first one starts with a shop, people and a city you will know. From the familiar, later installments will take you on an exciting path.

Please visit and read on……. share with your friends and let us know how you are enjoying it!

Ted, Kate, Joan and Tegen