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What’s New – Pu Erh

Wild Tea OrderWe have been receiving one of our orders from China and, as promised, we have two new Pu Erh teas to offer you…




The Ancient Phoenix Pu Erh is a loose leaf, ripe (shou) Pu Erh.

Ancient Phoneix Shou Pu Erh

The Ancient Purple Leaf Ball is a raw (sheng) Pu Erh, which has been carefully rolled into balls.

Both of these are from tea leaves hand-picked at a staggering height of over 7,200 feet high from ancient tea trees on Wuliang Mountain in Yunnan.

From our supplier:

“Our Ancient Tree Tea line is hand harvested from ancient tea trees that range from several hundred to several thousand years old. These ancient tea trees grow in a naturally organic and oftentimes wild environment. The most ancient tea tree is from Yunnan Province, China, the birthplace of tea. The Dai, Hani, Lahu and Bulang tribal people of Yunnan exclusively handpick our ancient tree teas. By purchasing these teas you support the local people as we deal directly with the farmers to create a fair trade tea line. True ancient tree teas can be brewed many times more than a standard tea, thus saving money. Ancient tree tea is like wine in that each brew changes to a deeper and more complex taste.”

Along with this shipment of new Pu Erh, we have the Ancient Baked Heart Green, Mengku Rich Valley Raw Pu Erh and Black Needle Cangyuan.