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  • Ginger Mint Mate

    Ginger Mint Mate

    $14.00 CAD for 125g
    This sprightly infusion is a hit! A soothing but energizing blend of Yerba Mate with peppermint, ginger and dried fruit. Mate, Peppermint*, Ginger*, Red Berry Blend (Rose hip*, apple*, hibiscus*, orange peel*, raspberry leaves*, red currant*,  strawberry*, and natural flavours.) *From organic cultivation.
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  • Organic Roasted Mate

    Organic Roasted Mate

    $15.00 CAD for 125g
    Leaves of the Yerba Mate tree (a small evergreen of the Holly family) are dry-roasted which results in a deeper colour and smooth, nutty, toasted flavour.
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  • Yerba Mate

    $13.00 CAD for 125g
    With an astringent, slightly bitter taste and a smooth, smoky top-note, this infusion brews high in matteine (var. caffeine) and vitamin C.
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Showing all 3 results