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  • Genmaicha

    $21.00 CAD for 125g
    Mild, late-season Bancha tea blended with the pleasant, slightly sweet and nutty, caramel note of roasted or popped rice grains. Low in caffeine and easy to brew!
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  • Gyokuro Asahi

    $58.00 CAD for 125g
    This hand-made rarity has long pine needle-shaped, dark green leaves and infuses a clear light yellow with fresh grass scent and a highly aromatic taste. Reinfuses many times.
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  • Organic Bancha

    $18.00 CAD for 125g
    From the late harvest, bancha is the everyday tea of Japan. Gently pan-roasted for a nutty, sweet flavour; it is lower in caffeine and easy to brew. *OUT OF STOCK*
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  • Sencha Fukujyu

    $21.00 CAD for 125g
    Carefully processed and slightly steamed before rolling and drying, this tea infuses a light olive green colour and offers a strong, distinct flavour. Harvested in the Autumn from Shizuoka on the Fujiyama mountain slopes.
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  • Japan Matcha Ujicha 200g

    $120.00 CAD
    This Organic Matcha unfolds with intense, matte green shades crowned by a grassy green, creamy foam. It possesses a sweet, fruity, aromatic, full-bodied flavour. Originating from the Uji District in Japan at altitudes of 820 feet, the calcium rich soil and prevailing ground fogs provide ideal growing conditions.
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  • Organic Matcha Japan 30g

    $46.00 CAD
    This organic tea has a particularly mild and gentle flavour with a rich, green colour. From younger tea plants (generally under 30 years old) this is best for a thinner (Usucha grade) Matcha brewed with more water and less tea, where vigorous whisking produces the characteristic frothy head and resulting crema. From the island of Kyushu, the southern-most tea growing region in Japan.
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Showing all 6 results