Long Feng Ji Xiang

$32.00 CAD for 125g


Soft and sweet green tea with a hint of jasmine. This flowering (or blooming) tea is hand-tied with orange lily and a chain of jasmine flowers.

Long Feng Ji Xiang – “Dragon and Phoenix, Lucky/Auspicious”

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    Shuang Long Xi Zhu

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    Light, sweet, slightly fruity green tea. This flowering (or blooming) tea is hand-tied with lily, peony, and jasmine flowers. Shuang Long Xi Zhu - "Twin Dragon Juggling a Pearl" A traditional imperial Chinese picture to describe the regal majesty of the royal family.  
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    A light, sweet, refreshing white tea. This flowering (or blooming) tea is hand-tied with jasmine and lily. He Jia Huan Le - "Best wishes to your family...or, Family Fortune."
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  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls

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    Dragon Pearls are made from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth; production begins in the spring but they must wait for summer for the jasmine to appear. The infusion is light and fresh with a wonderful fragrance. This is still a hand-rolled tea with steam from purified water misted over the tea leaves to make them soft and pliable. Grown, steamed and hand rolled on farms in the Fujian Mountains.
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