Ancient Phoenix Pu Erh

$58.00 CAD for 125g


This ripe Pu Erh brews thick and rich with notes of mushroom, espresso, and unsweetened chocolate.

Harvested from ancient tea trees on a sustainable tea plantation located on Wuliang Mountain.

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  • Yi Tribal Pu Erh Coins

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    This deeply fermented tea has been expertly pressed into convenient 6g discs and then individually wrapped in gold foil. Brews earthy smooth with slight fruity notes and an autumn-like sweetness. Hand-picked by both the Yi Tribe and Dai Tribe peoples from ancient tea trees dating around 400-500 years old, located on the legendary ancient tea tree mountain, Yang Ta.
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  • Pu Erh 10 Years

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    This ripe pu erh, also known as shou or cooked pu erh, is crafted from a big leaf tea of brown or dark red colour which imparts a sweet, mellow flavour. The added step of piling (accelerating the natural enzymatic breakdown process of fermentation which creates heat and ?cooks? the leaves) is further enhanced by a period of aging lasting over 10 years.
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  • Pu Erh

    $14.00 CAD for 125g
    Pu Erh is a form of tea known as post-fermented. This variety, called shou or ripe pu erh, has undergone an accelerated step of fermentation known as piling before being aged over a number of years. Brews very smooth and earthy, missing all but a hint of astringency.
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