China Lapsang Souchong

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With full charcoal smokiness, dark and thick, this large leaf Lapsang Souchong brews an esoteric cup…slight bitterness gives way to smokey-sweet notes of liquorice and pine.

One of Winston Churchill’s favourites! Read more.

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1 review for China Lapsang Souchong

  1. Charles Krause (verified owner)

    Wow – this is a LOUD tea; not for the faint of heart, and maybe not for introducing someone to tea for the first time.

    HEAVY bitter pine smoke in the nose from the leaf & from the liquor, and as the dominant initial note in the cup. Gives away to licorice, fleeting high sweet notes, and ends moderately quickly on a dry earthy finish. The licorice and earthiness can combine to be slightly reminiscent of cinnamon.

    Definitely related to the Lapsang Souchong Superior Grade, but lacks the sweetness and complexity of the Superior, and definately ramps up the smoke and intensity. That’s not a bad thing, just a different part of the taste/experience map.

    Would be an excellent tea to pair with very sweet or very rich desserts, or with strong cheeses, as this tea’s heavy taste profile can definitely hold its own and not be overpowered by such foods.

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