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  • Doke Black Fusion

    $26.00 CAD for 125g
    This tea is full bodied and mellow and has a delicate flowery bouquet with undertones of malt and a long finish.   Doke Tea Estate is located on the Doke River, in the Bihar District of northeast India, near the border of Nepal. It is sometimes called 'The Land of Buddha', as Gautama Buddha spent much of his life teaching and seeking enlightenment there.
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  • Jungpana Darjeeling First Flush

    Jungpana FTGFOP1 Wonder

    $28.00 CAD for 125g
    From the highly anticipated spring harvest, this Darjeeling tea has a golden yellow infusion with a delicate but rounded body; fresh with spring blossoms and hints of sweet melon
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  • Raidang Assam First Flush

    Raidang STGFOP1 Clonal Tippy

    $18.00 CAD for 125g
    Unusual in our catalogue, this spring harvest Assam brews malty and smooth with a round, rich flavour and sweetness.
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  • Mandal Gaon First Flush Oolong

    A handcrafted tea with notes of cocoa and subtle hints of wild flowers and raisins. It infuses bright and sweet with a slight smokiness. This tea originates from a small tea grower village on the mountain slopes of the Himalayas in Darjeeling at 5500 ft. above sea level. OUT OF STOCK We have just purchased the Autumn Oolong from this farm and it is available here.
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  • Assam Silver Needle White

    Assam Silver Needle White

    $36.00 CAD for 125g
    Sweet and delicate with all the top notes of a high quality, tippy Assam;  fine, hand-rolled, silver-haired downy buds brew a light and refreshing cup.
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Showing all 5 results