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Tea Trader Says – Welcome to Mr Maxey’s Tea!

This website has been a long time coming! Tea Trader was one of the first couple of businesses on the internet, the domain was registered in early 1995, we were frequent contributors to in those early days. In the beginning of this century we even had an early shopping cart! This lapsed after a few years and we’re glad to say it is now back.

Welcome to Mr Maxeys Tea! You will know the name if you are an existing customer, it’s already part of our heritage and we are glad to be able to use it for our new mail order website. The prices, teas and service are the same and you are invited to contact us just as before. Our website includes the option to pick up from Tea Trader and you will see that there is a blog attached which you are welcomed to subscribe to get latest information about teas we stock and also some interesting tea history.

Whatever your taste, enjoy your tea!

Ted, Kate, Joan, Tegen

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