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Tea Break – A Journey to the Tea Countries

After the Opium Wars, Robert Fortune ventured into the Chinese interior to collect samples of plants as well as tea plants and seeds. In this extract of his travels he recounts how he returned from the tea district near Sung-lo, in the modern day province of Anhui. He is now on Kintang Island, off the coast of present day Ningbo, before returning to Hong Kong with his finds.

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United Kingdom Tea Company – A look back in time

A prominent importer, broker, wholesaler and retailer of tea in late Victorian times, this company published a catalogue describing its operations. There are sections describing the Mincing Lane Market in London, which at that time handled sugar, coffee, tobacco, spices, cocoa and wine, as well as tea! Within its pages, there are also sections describing how tea is grown, processed, transported to destination and made available to its customers.

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Bitaco Tea – Colombia

Bitaco® Tea is an organic, high grown tea located on the western range of the Andes Mountains, in the village of Bitaco, La Cumbre, Colombia. It is a strategic area located between 1800 and 2050 meters above sea level for the production of a specialty, mountain tea.

Organic production and sustainability is assured within NOP (USDA) and EOS regulations, as well as UTZ certification, to provide clean, pure, and natural teas with full traceability, supported by social and environmental accountability.

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Niroula’s Tea Farm

Situated around 10 km from Ghoom railway station, surrounded by a beautiful tea garden in the south and a magnificent reserve forest area with diverse flora and fauna towards the north, NIROULA’S TEA FARM, is presently a micro tea processing unit of organic Darjeeling tea initiated to deliver quality and healthy orthodox tea to tea lovers looking for the right blend of taste and health.

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